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Genconn Biotech is fully owned by Healthconn, a subsidiary of Foxconn. Our core Business covering categories such as molecular biology and genomics, functional medicine ...
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Core Advantages
Recognized and Collaborate with Global Biotech Companies to Lead the Technologies of Molecular Diagnosis in Taiwan

This is a convergence of multi-disciplinary talents across the nations, together with the collaboration among industry, academic, research institutes, and the power of innovation. We are actively engaging collaboration and interaction with major multinational biotech companies, and incorporate world class advanced diagnosis platform. Our objective is to synchronize molecular diagnosis technology in Taiwan with the advanced nations around the world. Taking foothold in Taiwan, we dedicated ourselves to major fields in diagnosis and prevention of cancers.

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Core Advantages
Synergy with the Resource and Service Chain from the Parent Company to Provide a Comprehensive Vertical Service for the Industry Chain

Synergy with the professional resource and service chain from parent company -Healthconn. Based on individual unique gene, environment and life style to decipher digital code, then further develop precision and personalized medical standard. Integrate resources to provide following services in accordance with customer demand: Technology development, clinical trial, health management, plus early prevention and diagnosis of cancer. Provide a comprehensive service to satisfy customer demand.

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Accelerate Human Medicine and Genetic Analysis

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