Healthconn teamed up with Hon Hai group to tackle genomics, biochips and assist in the development of new drugs.

Healthconn (6665-TW), one of the cash-cow biotech companies under Hon Hai group (2317-TW), held an investors conference today (21st). Wu Lianghsiang, Chairman of Healthconn, outlined the company’s main focus on precision medicine + smart health. By combining with the resources from the parent company Hon Hai, Healthconn taps into genomics, bio-chips with further development on new drugs.

Wu Lianghsiang mentioned about the futuristic development of Healthconn is to revert back to market-demand by expanding business coverage and widening data-collection with genomics, imaging, lifestyle and environment integration to extend the database platform and strengthen inspection expertise compounded with cutting-edge technologies.

For Genconn Biotech, the food safety laboratory will continue to upgrade with increasing functional medical testing to expand the China market. Starting from 2018, Genconn Biotech induced additional 15 test items, and expanded services for both domestic and overseas clients. Coning Technology will also provide physicians with accurate and immediate reporting through real-time bio-detection with automated microscopic imaging, helping futuristic clinical testing leaping forward.

He reinforced the fact that the company is incorporating with the parent company. Healthconn has been working with Hon Hai group in US and propelling significant growth in genomics for cancer in the past few months. Healthconn is also working with the R&D team in UK for developing the second generation biochips. This technology not only advances pre-processing on gene-sequencing, but also helps instant diagnosis feedback. It is a crucial testing and inspection process in the pharmaceutical industry. Under the assistance of ultra-fast computing resources from the parent group, Healthconn’s database is leading to assist in the research and development of new drugs.