Any minor or low body functionality could potentially be predictors of subsequent diseases or disabilities. There are chain reactions cumulated from many pathological symptoms causing health deterioration, chronic diseases followed by the occurrence of vicious diseases. Functional medicine is a comprehensive study with basic and clinical scientific evidence in combination of molecular medicine and modern nutritional medicine. Through scientific testing with proactive methodology, small imbalances are sought within the body instead of awaiting for the diseases or symptoms to arise passively. These become indicators leading to prevention of health issues from happening.

Genconn uses a variety of special functionality testing instruments to perform accurate analysis to further understand each specific body characteristics on an individual basis, reinforcing the uniqueness of individual gene and environmental factors. We regard the whole body as a holistic unit instead of assessing parts of the organ(s). Re-establishment of the balance within the body is to maintain the optimum pathological function hence in prevention of any disorders.

The laboratory is equipped with the most advanced instruments supplemented by advanced research techniques to provide high-quality testing. Combined with the Group's big data analysis and health promotion consulting, Genconn Biotech is capable in providing comprehensive testing services and schematize functional medicine.

  • Heavy Mental analysis
  • Nutrient & Toxic Element Analysis
  • ApoE Genomics Analysis
  • Male/Female/Thyroid Hormone Analysis
  • Antioxidant/Vitamins Analysis
  • Xenoestrogen analysis
  • Histamine Metabolism Analysis
  • Estrogen Metabolism Analysis

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